How to Get Ready for Garage Door Installation

Having new garage doors installed can be an exciting time! Not only will you get to enjoy your new doors on a regular basis, but their installation could also create an entirely new look for your home. As you get ready for the installation date, there are a few things you should do to prepare for garage door installation.

  • Remember What You Purchased – After your garage door purchase, you likely received documentation stating what type of doors you purchased and any additional add-ons. Have your documentation handy so you can check that the right doors and parts arrived on installation day.
  • Plan to Be at Home – If your garage door installation falls during the work week, make arrangements with your employer to be at home. This will allow you to talk with your installers and provide any necessary accommodations for them to complete the job.
  • Relocate Vehicles – Moving your vehicles out of the garage is another important step during garage door installation. This will prevent your cars from blocking the garage entryway and other installation points inside the garage.
  • Clean Garage Floor – Having a clean garage floor is another way to ensure that garage door installation goes smoothly. This could be as simple as sweeping up debris or moving smaller furniture out of the way to ensure there is plenty of room to move around.
  • Keep Kids & Pets Away – While garage door installation may be exciting for both kids and pets, making sure they stay out of the installation team is important. This will prevent any potential damage to the garage doors, people, or animals.
  • Prepare Questions – It’s natural to have questions about your new doors during garage door installation. Having a list prepared ahead of time can be especially helpful, so you feel confident you know how to use your new equipment well.

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