What is the Purpose of Garage Door Screens?

Garage door screens can benefit any homeowner who leaves their garage door open for any reason, from being out mowing the lawn to using their garage as a hobby space. These clever upgrades also serve other purposes, and once you have a garage door screen, you won’t remember how you ever got by without it.

Garage Door Screens = Lifestyle Screens

Well-chosen garage door screens can turn garages into outdoor recreation and relaxation areas. They convert garages into open-air spaces where you can play ping-pong, work on craft projects, or enjoy a meal. Just be sure not to use grills inside garages because that can start fires.

Other Benefits of Garage Door Screens

Garage door screens also keep bugs, leaves, and small animals out of your garage. They protect your cars and anything else in there and make cleanup that much easier. A screen is also a deterrent for thieves, so you will also have that added piece of mind.

How Do Garage Door Screens Work?

There are some different options with garage door screens. Some have integrated doors that eliminate the need to retract the entire screen each time you enter and exit. Roll-down versions are motorized and retractable and do not have to be moved manually – just press a button. Side slide garage door screens are the most budget-friendly and get moved off to the side.

Garage door screens are an easy, cost-effective way to transform your garage into usable space. Call us at Access Garage Doors of South Nashville for a free estimate today.

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