Are Electric Garage Doors Worth It?

Electric garage doors are a modern and convenient alternative to manual garage doors. They come equipped with electric features that enable effortless use with the press of a button or remote control.

Here are a few benefits of electric garage doors:

  • They are more convenient. Thanks to modern technology, electric garage doors make your life easier through their ease of use and access. They can be operated using remote controls or smartphone apps that enable you to open and close the door from the comfort of your vehicle or from afar. This convenience particularly comes in handy during bad weather days or on those nights you arrive home late.
  • They have improved security. Security is paramount to you as a homeowner. Electric garage doors have additional security features that enhance your home’s safety. They utilize remote controls, security pin codes, and rolling code technology, which ensures the transmission of a unique code whenever the door is operated. Compared to manual doors, electric doors have an additional layer of security that reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • They have increased safety levels. Safety is a significant factor to consider when installing a garage door. Electric garage doors have safety features that detect motion and automatically reverse movement to prevent accidents and injuries. They also have manual controls that enable emergency or electronic breakdown operations.
  • They increase your property’s value. Electric garage door installation enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your home. Potential buyers appreciate features that provide modern and convenient solutions. The critical aspects of an electric door can make your home more appealing in the market, thus increasing your property value.

In conclusion, an electric garage door is definitely a worthy investment for your home. Call us today for professional installation and enjoy a lifetime labor warranty.

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