When to Schedule Garage Door Servicing

You trust your garage door to work properly whenever you need to open or close it at any point of the day without any issues. With such expectations, you should also give your garage door the proper care and attention it needs to stay in top condition. That means scheduling regular maintenance and never ignoring any needs for repair or attempting to fix things on your own.

We at Access Garage Doors of Tucson are happy to offer any of our garage door services. Here is some information that can help you decide when to schedule your garage door servicing:

  • At least yearly: Assuming that your garage door isn’t showing any signs of disrepair, you will want to schedule garage door servicing at least once a year at a minimum. That way, we can inspect it to check that everything is working properly. We can also provide the necessary maintenance to prevent future repairs.
  • Time for repairs: Even if the damage to your garage door seems purely aesthetic, it’s important to schedule your garage door servicing as soon as you see the need for a repair. That way, we can perform the necessary repairs right away before anything gets worse.
  • At the end of its lifespan: Quality garage doors that have been well maintained over the years will last for decades, but not forever. You will need to schedule garage door servicing (likely for a garage door replacement) if your door seems to be at the end of its lifespan or if it has been damaged beyond repair.

We offer any garage door services you may need, including regular maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installations. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or schedule our garage door servicing.

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