Here's Why You Should Always Hire Garage Door Specialists Instead of Trying To DIY

Thinking of trying to repair your garage door by yourself? Here are a few reasons you should think twice and hire our garage door specialists instead.

  • Correct Repairs – One of the quickest ways to cause more damage to your garage door is to attempt a complex repair on your own. Although they seem simple, garage doors are complex systems requiring specialized maintenance. While it may seem like tightening a few bolts will fix a rattling noise or lubricating the belt will speed up a door that’s slow to open or close, you are likely missing the source of the issue, which means that the problem will continue to get worse. Having a garage door specialist examine the door and find the root of the problem helps minimize your repair costs and ensures the job is done right the first time.
  • Labor Warranty – It’s incredibly frustrating to spend an entire afternoon working on a faulty garage door, only to find that the problem comes back a short time later. Although most repair companies don’t offer equipment warranties that extend beyond what the manufacturer provides, many offer installation and labor warranties. This means that if an aspect of your garage door fails due to their installation or a manufacturer defect, the cost of fixing the issue may be covered under the labor warranty.
  • Full Inspection – Another danger of not working with a garage door specialist and attempting repairs on your own is the potential for only addressing one issue when several are at play. It’s extremely easy to miss a vital repair aspect unless you are a trained professional who knows the inner workings of a garage door’s mechanisms. A garage door specialist will examine the system to ensure that they have addressed the problem and potential future issues. A complete inspection means you can return to normal and have peace of mind knowing that your garage door will operate as it should until your next maintenance service.

While trying to make repairs yourself may be tempting, it’s always recommended that you leave repair work to professionals who can safely get the door running smoothly again.

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