Garage Door Repair: The 4 Most Common Problems

Garage doors periodically break down. When they do, it’s usually inconvenient, and you only want to get it fixed as soon as possible. At Access Garage Doors of Chattanooga, we offer same-day service on your garage door.

In this article, we’ll look at common garage door repair examples and how they get fixed.

  1. Broken Springs. The springs that help lift and lower the garage door can break due to wear. When this happens, the door becomes impossible to lift. This garage door repair is best made by a professional. Attempting to repair or replace the springs yourself is dangerous, and you could further damage the door or hurt yourself.
  2. Damaged or Misaligned Tracks. The tracks can become misaligned or damaged, and this can cause the door to become stuck or move unevenly. Misaligned tracks need someone with garage door repair expertise to fix the issue.
  3. Malfunctioning Opener. A broken garage door opener can cause the door to fail to open or close. To fix a malfunctioning opener, contact a garage door repair specialist. We can inspect the opener and make any necessary repairs or replacements.
  4. Worn or Broken Rollers. The rollers help the garage door move along its tracks. When they get damaged or broken, your garage door becomes noisy, vibrates excessively, or moves unevenly. If your garage door is not rolling smoothly, schedule a repair as soon as possible.

These are just four of the most common garage door repairs. These problems can cause the door to become challenging to operate or even unsafe. Give us a call to get your garage door working correctly.

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