How Complicated is Garage Door Motor Replacement?

While DIY garage door motor replacement is possible, it is often best left to a professional garage door company like Access Garage Doors of South Nashville. We handle residential garage door installations and repairs and take all of the necessary safety precautions. You can also request same-day repairs in some cases when a motor needs to be replaced.

Here are the general steps for basic chain garage door motor replacement, but keep in mind that your unit may have different requirements:

  • Safety first: Unplug the garage door motor from the wall and locate the laser connectors. Use a flathead screwdriver to press on the release tabs to release the connectors. Then, color-code the wires with colored masking tape.
  • Release the handle: Locate the manual release handle at the top of the door – you may need to stand on a ladder for this. Pull down firmly to manually release the garage door from its chain rail.
  • Disconnect the chain and motor: You should see the motor attached to a frame on your garage’s interior ceiling. A ratchet can be used to unscrew the bolts. You’ll also need to loosen the nuts and washers that attach the chain to the motor. Power tools can make the work easier, as long as you’re careful.
  • Continuing the job: The chain must be lubed once things are taken apart. Remove the motor and take the bolts off the new one. Then you can perform the steps in reverse, attaching the new motor and reattaching the chain.

Garage door motor replacement often involves more than these basic steps, since the lasers might not work with the new motor and the door might need to be rebalanced. You can trust our professional technicians to get the job done right the first time.

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