Want To Get More Use Out Of Your Garage? Garage Door Screens Can Help

Many people find that they don’t use their garage nearly as much as they expected to and find themselves lamenting the wasted space that could have been used for a room they’d get more use and enjoyment out of. Garage door screens are an excellent way to add extra usable space to your home without the cost of an addition to the house. Here are a few examples of how you can use a garage door screen to turn your garage into a unique and valuable space in your home.

  • Create a home gym: If you enjoy working out and keeping yourself in good physical shape but hate having to drive to the gym or taking up a room in the main part of your home for a personal gym, a garage screen door might be the perfect solution for you. Garage door screens allow excellent airflow, enabling you to stay comfortable and helping to clear out any odors that might otherwise linger around your equipment. Garage door screens come in several densities, so you can opt for as much or little visibility as you like to keep you comfortable.
  • Have a designated pet space: While we love our pets, sometimes we need to have a designated area for them to go to that’s out of the way but doesn’t leave them completely exposed to the elements. Garage door screens allow you to keep your pet safely within the house but also let them get all the benefits of fresh air and a space of their own. Many companies carry garage door screens made from a densely woven mesh that maintains airflow but is resistant to pet-related damage, so you can be confident your pet is comfortable and safe.
  • Build a comfortable and safe recreational area: If you like to use your garage as a hangout zone for the adults or the kids in the family, a garage screen door can help ensure everyone stays safe and comfortable. The screen will keep pests like mosquitoes and flies away while allowing plenty of fresh air and also may help ensure that game equipment and young children stay within the safety of the garage and don’t wind up in the street.

If you’re interested in how a garage door screen can help turn your garage into a space you love and frequently use, reach out to your local garage door professionals today.

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