What Other Parts Should You Replace After Garage Door Spring Repair?

You probably take for granted that when you hit your garage door opener button, your garage door will open or close on command. But most factory standard parts that come with your garage door, like the springs, drums, cables, rollers, and bearings, can only withstand approximately 10,000 cycles.

Typically, the springs will be the first to go. So, when you call us for garage door spring repair, this is your sign that your garage door has gone through the open-shut cycle around 10,000 times. While you may assume that you can have us take care of the garage door spring repair and be done with it, this might cause more problems in the future. When we come and fix one of your broken garage door springs, we also recommend changing the roller center bearing, intact springs, bearing plates, spring shaft, and cables at the same time.

How often will you need to replace your garage door springs and these other important parts of your garage door? The answer is that it depends, and it’s based on how often you open and shut your garage door every day. Many families open and shut their garage door at least ten times a day, which means they’ll go through this cycle about 3,650 times a year. This means most people will need to plan on a full garage door spring repair every three years or so.

We can help you plan for routine part replacements and make recommendations for premium parts that will withstand extra usage when we come and help with your garage door spring repair. To set up an appointment or learn more, contact us today!

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