What are Garage Door Screens?

You may have heard of garage door screens, but you may still not know exactly what they are and what they do. Put simply, garage door screens are a patio-like addition to your garage door opening. Placed inside of the garage door to take up as little space as possible, a screen allows you to sit inside your garage without an onslaught of bugs coming through. Garage door screens also give you a little more privacy when you want your garage door open to let the air in. Here are a few reasons why we recommend garage door screens to nearly every homeowner:<

  • Achieve a bug-free space—There’s nothing fun about trying to work or relax in your garage when bugs are flying into your hair and your face. A garage door screen can keep bugs and debris out, so you can enjoy being in your garage.
  • Let the air in—You want to do things in your garage and let some fresh air in, but you don’t necessarily love the idea of keeping the door wide open. A garage door screen lets you get some fresh air in without having to keep your door completely open.
  • Enjoy the view—It’s nice to be able to see outside when you’re in your garage. Enjoy the view outside when you use a garage door screen.
  • Additional space—If you want some extra space in your home, having us install a garage door screen can help you feel like you have more living space attached to your house.
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