Four Signs it’s Time for Garage Door Repair

Most garage doors have a lifespan of 15-30 years. However, over time, they may encounter certain problems that require repair to restore their functionality and ensure they operate smoothly.

Here are a few signs that a garage door repair may be on the horizon:

  • It makes unusual noises. If your garage door produces a strange or loud noise when opening or closing, it may hint at a potential problem. Different sounds may indicate the kind of repair required. For instance, a rumbling sound may be due to a malfunction in the torsion springs, while a grinding sound shows the door drags against the track.
  • It responds inconsistently. A garage door that operates independently or fails to respond to remote controls or switch commands consistently may result in an accident. Your remote control may have dead batteries, which is an easy fix; however, the wiring is likely faulty if you rule out the battery problem. Such a defect requires an immediate garage door repair for safety and security concerns.
  • It reverses after opening or closing. A garage door that reverses when prompted to a particular direction may indicate a problem with the safety sensors. These sensors hover on either side of the door frame to detect an obstruction, thus preventing accidents. If your door reverses without obstruction, you may consider an immediate repair to ensure a reliable operation.

If you notice any of these signs, call us today at Access Garage Doors of South Nashville for a stress-free, professional garage door repair.

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