Three Ways That Garage Door Screens Can Be Useful

At Access Garage Doors of NoCo, we offer a wide variety of garage door products and services for homeowners. One of the products we offer is garage door screens, and although these screens aren’t a necessity in the way that garage doors are, they can be incredibly useful.

Here are three ways that garage door screens can benefit you:

  1. Provide Extra Living Space- Homeowners are willing to go to great lengths and spend thousands of dollars to get extra living space. From sunrooms to decks, screened-in patios, and home additions, there are many options to choose from, but one option more people should consider is using their garage to get extra space. With a garage door screen, you can transform your garage however you want without it being too dark or warm, since the natural light and fresh air just outside are always available to you.
  2. Keep Out Insects- Spiders and insects enjoy living in garages, since they’re dark and offer protection from the elements. While some insects may be able to get in regardless through gaps and cracks, garage door screens allow you to reduce the number of insects in your garage while your garage door is open. That means you can use the space comfortably without being bothered by pests.
  3. Help With Security- There are many reasons you might want to leave your garage door open. Maybe you’re working on your car and want to let the cool outside air inside while you do it. But whatever the reason, garage door screens provide a little extra privacy and act as a deterrent for thieves who might want to steal whatever is in your garage.
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