Why the Finishing Touches Matter with Residential Garage Doors

Being involved with any project and stopping without achieving completion doesn’t give you the satisfaction that you would have achieved had you finished. When it comes to the installation or repair of residential garage doors, not crossing the finish line because vital finishing touches are skipped is frustrating for the homeowner, for sure, but it wouldn’t be good for the morale of the technicians either. Everyone feels better when every last part of the project is completed. So, what makes up those important finishing touches? Here are some things that should never be missed:

  • Clean up the job site- You wouldn’t want a mess left behind that detracts from the appearance of your new residential garage doors. The company will feel more pride in what they have done when they clean up before the leave.
  • Fully test the garage doors- The finishing touch of completely testing residential garage doors is critical. Even though most technicians would return to resolve a problem free of charge, it is a strike to your confidence in the company if they don’t get it right before they leave. It only takes a few minutes to run the garage door through a few cycles and tests to ensure it is operating as it should.
  • Install all hardware- Some hardware is functional in nature, while other pieces are purely aesthetic. You deserve for every single element to be properly installed to achieve the overall effect and functionality that you expect.

At Access Garage Doors of Chattanooga, we don’t consider our work done until you are completely satisfied. Our team takes care of the finishing touches, including cleaning up, testing, and inspecting to be sure all hardware has been installed. We will also answer any questions you might have about residential garage doors. Contact us today to learn more about all that we have to offer.

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