Why We Install LiftMaster Electric Garage Door Openers

Whether you have a home under construction and need a garage door opener or you have a home with an older model and want to learn about the newest electric garage door openers, one brand rises above the rest. LiftMaster is a leader in residential and commercial garage door openers and leads the industry in innovative solutions. That’s just one reason why we install LiftMaster electric garage door openers. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Safety- LiftMaster is certified in UL 325 compliance, meeting the highest safety standards.
  • Sensors- Their photo eye safety sensors are exceptional for keeping anything or anyone from being crushed by the garage door.
  • Posilock®- This electronic feature protects against forced entry into your garage.
  • Security- LiftMaster’s Security+ 2.0® technology goes into the remote and keypad to make it less vulnerable to code hackers.
  • myQ connectivity- Control your garage door from your smartphone or using cloud-based software with the myQ smart home app. The features are incredible, including setting a schedule for the light, opening and closing the garage door remotely, and receiving alerts when your garage door is opened or closed. There is also a model with a camera.
  • Corner to Corner Lighting™- Energy-efficient LED lighting provides daylight-like lighting so you can use your garage safely even at night.
  • Battery backup- Some models offer battery backups, so you can open or close your garage during a power outage.

If you would like to know more about LiftMaster electric garage door openers and get professional advice on the right one for your South Nashville, Tennessee home, reach out to us at Access Garage Doors of South Nashville. We offer same-day garage door repair and other garage door services so you can be confident your home is secure. Call today!


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