What You Should Know About Garage Door Spring Repair

Most equipment has certain components that, if they aren’t functioning, will keep the machine from operating. When it comes to garage doors, one of those components is the springs. If one or both of the springs wears out or breaks, you need to call for garage door spring repair. Here are a few things that you should know about this critical part of your garage door system:

  • Springs come in sets of two- Garage door spring repair always involves replacing both springs. They are both getting the same amount of wear, so if one breaks, the other is sure to do so soon.
  • Ideally, you should replace them before they break- When springs break, they can be dangerous, so it is best to replace them before they reach that point. In addition, a spring that breaks can cause additional damage.
  • You should never attempt garage door spring repair yourself- Have you ever had a spring from inside a ballpoint pen go flying across the room? Imagine that happening with one with far more pressure on it! Only highly trained professionals with the right equipment should ever attempt to work on or replace garage door springs. This also ensures that the right springs are used for your garage door system.

If you would like to schedule garage door spring repair or you have questions about other garage door maintenance or repair services for your South Nashville, Tennessee home, reach out to us at Access Garage Doors of South Nashville. We will be happy to provide a free estimate and discuss our industry-leading warranty packages with you.

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