How to Tell You Need Garage Door Repair

Ideally, you should be performing a monthly inspection of your garage doors to be sure they are operating properly and safely. You should also have a professional check them out once or twice a year so you don’t join the thousands of people who experience garage door-related injuries each year. If you don’t practice either of these safeguards, you should at least be aware of the signs that you need garage door repair or maintenance.

  • Noisier than usual- Noise is like pain in that you should never ignore it or think that it is normal. Your squeaky garage door is telling you that it needs attention. Ignoring it can lead to failure that might not have happened had it just received a bit of lubrication.
  • Movement isn’t smooth- There is no circumstance in which your garage door should open or close with jerky motions. You shouldn’t delay calling for garage door repair if this is happening because it could stop working before long or even come crashing down at a very inopportune (and dangerous!) moment.
  • Power bill is climbing- You might first think that your increased power bill is because of a rate hike or a problem with your HVAC system, but a poorly functioning garage door uses more energy. Speaking of energy, you might also consider replacing your garage door with an insulated one to increase your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Nonfunctional completely- This is an obvious sign that you need garage door repair, as the opener may need to be fixed, or the door may need new springs, cables, hinges, or rollers. There are more parts to a garage door than you might realize, so be sure to inspect all of these for signs of wear and tear.

If you would like peace of mind that the garage doors at your South Nashville, Tennessee home are operating as they should, or if you notice one of these signs that you need garage door repair, reach out to us at Access Garage Doors of South Nashville. Our services come with a total customer satisfaction guarantee, and we offer a labor warranty on products we install. We have a large parts inventory and 24/7 service availability, so we can get you up and running again before you know it.

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