Garage doors have made life easier and convenient. They add value to your home. They are an essential part of homes that do not get enough focus as long as they are functioning properly. A faulty garage door, however, is something that should be addressed immediately. A broken garage door isn’t just an irritant—it’s also a safety hazard.  Below, learn more about the hazards of a broken garage door, and why it’s a good idea to invest in garage door repairs and regular maintenance.

The Risk of Falling Garage Doors

Have you ever stopped to think about how heavy your garage door is? Most garage doors weigh at least a half-ton or more. This means that the components keeping your garage door up, such as the springs, are under constant pressure whenever you have your door open. If the springs give out, it could result in the door suddenly slamming down and injuring anyone standing there. Since a falling garage door can be dangerous and damaging, don’t take the risk. If your garage door is acting funny, get it checked out right away. At least, that way, it won’t cause harm to anyone you care about.

The Security Risk   

One of the main reasons that people have garages is to keep their vehicles and any other possessions safe from theft and vandalism. However, when a garage door is broken, the garage cannot perform this important function. Your garage door cannot protect your vehicles and other possessions if your garage door is stuck in the open position. However, in any position, a broken garage door can often be easier to break into, allowing criminals easier access to your possessions. To protect your property, the quick attention to garage door problems is required.

The Risk of Serious Damage

One small problem with your garage door may not seem like a big deal. Little issues, like sitting higher on one side than the other, are easy to ignore. However, what may seem like a small issue can quickly change into a much bigger one without your prompt attention. As strong and sturdy as your garage door may seem, it is a rather delicate thing, controlled by small but powerful mechanisms. When one part of the mechanism is not functioning correctly, it can damage other parts. Eventually, this can lead to a fully ruined garage door. This might mean that the one small issue, that could have been fixed cheaply, progresses into a much bigger, more expensive issue. If you wait too long, repair may not even be possible. Instead, you might have to get a completely new garage door, which may mean a new garage door opener and other expenses. Major damage and major costs are a serious risk of ignoring seemingly small garage door issues.

The Security Risk   

If there’s structural damage to a section of your garage door, it’s better to get it taken care of right away.  Though small cracks or dents may seem trivial, if left unchecked, weak spots in the door can create potential safety issues down the line. If the damage is only to one section of the door, it may be possible to repair the damage by replacing the section, rather than the entire door.




Hopefully, this article has convinced you that it’s never a good idea to put off garage door repairs! Replacing worn-out springs or damaged sections is much less expensive than replacing your car or the door itself, not to mention the hospital bills that will result if someone is injured. If you need a garage door repair, replacement, or installation, call Access Garage Doors as soon as possible.

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