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Automatic garage door openers are both handy and convenient. With a simple push of a button, there is no longer a need for the back-breaking, everyday workouts of manual doors. Nor do you have to worry about slamming them shut on your foot! But, there are also some dangers if you do not practice proper safety steps. Check out these three tips to help keep your family and home safe.

garage door controler

1. Check Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are the reason a door reverses if there is something (or someone) underneath a closing door. They are attached to the rails of a garage door and are about 6” off the ground. Testing whether your sensors are working properly or not is super easy! Simply close your door and put a basic object, like a broom, underneath. If your sensor is working properly, your door will immediately stop movement and reverse. If the door continues it’s path, please have your door inspected immediately to ensure your family’s safety.

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2. Keep Your Code Secret

It’s near impossible to do anything nowadays without having to create a password. Just like passwords for your bank, social media, or favorite streaming service, keep your garage door code safe and secret! Ideally, you should keep the code within the household, but with frequent family, friend, or babysitter visits, this can seem impossible. Make a mental list of people you wish to have the code and be sure to keep it within that group. If an occasion arrives where you must share the code with someone outside this list for a one-time use, change your code once they no longer need access.

*Additional Tip: Steer away from easy-to-guess codes such as birthdays or phone numbers.

3. Keep Remotes Safe                

The best place for your outside keypad is at least 5’ from the ground so that younger children aren’t able to reach it. Make sure that the cover is undamaged so the elements are unable to damage it. Apart from the keypad outside your garage door, you may also have remotes for your cars. Be sure to keep these safe and out of sight when not in use and keep them away from any young children. If you are already following these three tips–great job, keep it up! If not, don’t worry. It isn’t too late. In just mere minutes, you can accomplish these steps, ensuring the safety of your family and home.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection, contact your local Access Garage Doors today.

Liftmaster 893Max

Liftmaster 893Max


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