How to Choose the Right Electric Garage Door Opener for Your Needs

Having an electric garage door opener is essential to having a garage that is convenient to use. Choosing the right style of opener is an important decision since you’ll likely be living with whatever style you select for years. Here are three popular styles of electric garage door openers and what kinds of garages they are best suited for.

  • Chain Drive – As the name suggests, a chain drive electric garage door opener​ uses a chain to open and close the door. This type of electric garage door opener has been around for many years and is suitable for most garage doors. Chain drive openers are the most cost-effective variety of electric garage door openers and will last a while with routine maintenance.
  • Screw Drive – For the ultimate lifting power, you’ll need a screw drive electric garage door opener. Screw drive electric garage door openers will give you the most power with the fastest operating speeds. All that power means that they are louder than chain or belt drive openers, but because they have fewer pieces, they tend to be easier to maintain than other models. These openers are a good option for garages with doors that are 14 ft. high or one-piece doors that are up to 8 ft. tall.
  • Belt Drive -A belt drive electric garage door opener is significantly quieter than chain drive openers, making them great for garages attached to the house. The belt opener design creates a smoother operation than chain or screw drive openers with no door lurching and fewer vibrations, which reduces the overall noise level.

Before you commit to a particular model of electric garage door opener, consult with a  garage door professional who can talk with you in-depth about different door styles and their pros and cons. They’ll help you make sure you’re making the right choice for your needs, as well as help with installation and any future repairs that you may need.

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