The Different Materials Available for Garage Doors

As most garage door specialists will tell you, there are multiple different materials available for garage doors. Each has its own advantages from an aesthetic, functionality, and durability aspect. Here are the different materials used in garage door manufacturing and a bit of information about each.

  • Steel garage doors- If you are looking for a highly durable garage door material, garage door specialists might recommend a two-layer galvanized steel garage door. If you are looking for energy efficiency, an insulated one is a good option. One advantage of steel garage doors is that they can be painted to match your home and then repainted whenever you decide to change the color of your home.
  • Wood garage doors- If you like the idea of a wood appearance and having garage doors from a natural product, you can’t go wrong with wood garage doors. In addition, wood doors can be stained or painted to match your home’s architecture and color scheme. Wood garage doors are constructed using multiple layers to prevent warping.

garage door specialists might recommend a two-layer galvanized steel garage door

  • Wood composite garage doors- You don’t have to have wood to have a wood appearance. There are also composite materials which are basically a wood frame with an overlay. Typically, there is a core of insulation. There are a vast number of style options, including louvers, carriage house, and more.
  • Aluminum garage doors- If you like the idea of a metal garage door but are concerned about steel rusting, go with an aluminum garage door. While not as dent resistant, they do come in a number of finishes and colors, with some having glass panels.
  • Combination- Love the idea of a steel garage door, but would like a wood appearance? No problem as there are plenty of hybrids available, including steel base with faux wood overlays and insulation besides.

If you would like to know more about the different types of garage door materials available, reach out to us at Access Garage Doors to speak with garage door specialists that are happy to help.

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