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Garage doors tend to be one of those things that nobody thinks about until they’re broken. Over time, even the best garage doors suffer from the wear-and-tear that naturally follows frequent use. After long enough, they are likely to suffer from various problems and even break suddenly, which can be inconvenient or dangerous. Old garage doors—especially ones that have not been properly maintained—are a risk to the safety and convenience of you and your family. When it comes down to it, there comes a time when investing in a newer garage door is a wise decision to make. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should invest in a new garage door, you may be trying to figure out exactly what benefits you can expect to receive from your new door. In general, a new garage door will always look and perform better than an old one. Of course, the degree of improvement you’ll see does depend on the condition of your old door and the quality of your new door. Buying a high-quality garage door from Access Garage Doors can deliver the following benefits.

Increased Safety

New garage doors come standard with several important security features, including photo-eye sensors and reversing mechanisms. By getting a new garage door, you can ensure your safety equipment is in top working condition and incorporates the latest technology. Old garage doors are usually lacking these important safety features, making them more dangerous than new garage doors. With developments in technology, garage doors have become much safer than they used to be. When you buy a new garage door, you can trust it to have automatic reversal features, stronger tracks and supporting chains, and more stability, all of which serve well to prevent accidents that are caused by older garage doors. During the installation of a new garage door your Access Garage Door Technician will perform a safety check to endure everything is working properly.

More Security for Your Home

Getting a new garage door is the perfect opportunity to upgrade the security of your garage door opener and remote. Whereas older systems were vulnerable to attack by thieves who could generate the remote’s code and open the door, new garage door openers use revolving codes that cannot be captured or predicted. There are always to increase the security of your garage door, ask our team about the installation of an automatic garage door lock.

Fewer Issues

Let’s face it old garage doors have a lot of problems. From being loud and clunky to suddenly stopping or falling off the track, old garage doors can be very inconvenient to deal with. New garage doors, on the other hand, will save you a considerable amount of time and money due to their lack of issues. In addition to not having been used before, new garage doors are equipped with the latest and greatest technology, making them even more smooth, efficient, and durable than any old garage door could ever be.

Reduced Utility Costs

A quality garage door can contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home in two ways. First, the installation of weatherstripping prevents drafts, and secondly, an insulated door helps guard against temperature swings and makes it easier—and less costly—to maintain a comfortable environment in the garage. If your current garage door has deteriorated weatherstripping or lacks adequate insulation, replacing it can be quite beneficial.

Reduced Maintenance

If you have an older garage door, you may be spending a lot of time and money on repairs. And if you have a painted wood door, you will be stuck with the chore of periodically scraping and repainting it. A new garage door (when properly installed by professionals) should provide problem-free operation for many years. And for those who love the look of painted wood, new doors are available in eco-friendly materials with faux-finishes that mimic the look of real wood without the maintenance.

Better Performance

You can expect to enjoy better overall performance with the installation of a new garage door, especially if you pair it with a new garage door opener. Most importantly, after installation your new door should open more smoothly and more quietly than your old door.

Increased Curb Appeal

Investing in a new garage door is a sure way to increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Nobody wants to look at an old garage door with cracked, chipped and faded paint. New garage doors, on the other hand, look excellent, which helps to boost your home’s curb appeal and often increase its value more than the garage door cost.


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