It’s officially October, and the skeletons, ghouls, and goblins are coming out of the garage! As you start to add touches of spider webs, snakes, and random body parts to your home, do not miss the single biggest opportunity to make the curb statement that you are the ultimate Halloween guru. Homeowners across the world are decorating their garage doors to make special statements during holidays or special events.

4 Easy Halloween Garage Door Ideas


1. Monster Mouth

What’s spookier than a monster? A huge, house-size monster with a mouth the size of a garage! All you need to do is paint a tarp!

2. Bats & Cats

Black cats and bats are two things you don’t want to see on Halloween and the perfect tools for scares! Spook the kids with cloth tape and cutout foam!

3. Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

Create an eerie Halloween scene covering by the garage door. Add some extra spook factor by lighting it from behind. So a silhouette was a perfect choice.

4. Garage Door Halloween Decorations Cover Decor

Garage Door Covers will completely change the way your house and garage look! In just a few easy steps your house will be ready for Halloween.

Dont forget the Garage Door


In decades past, the garage doors have been categorized as only being a utilitarian detail of the home. Homeowners now know this is a detail of the house that could be a missed opportunity. Nowadays, the top manufacturers that Access Garage Doors works within our industry release an exponential number of new design features every year. We have even created specific communication channels for all of Access Garage Doors franchise locations across the country that is solely dedicated to keeping staff, options, and specifications up to date within our rapidly growing industry.

The reason that the garage door and opener industry continues to grow in this regard is simple. Materials and machinery have evolved, and now homeowners do not have to settle with one or two options when building a new construction home or replacing an existing garage door. This is why it is important to work with true professionals to sort all the options and zone in on what you would like. The fact is that most houses have garage doors, and they typically take up at least 30% of the curb view of the home if not more, why not make a statement with the garage door?

Did you know that more than 90% homebuyers care about curb appeal first and foremost over anything else when purchasing a home? When you approach the home from the road, you evaluate what to expect even before entering the home. What does your garage door say about you every day, including during the holidays?

What does your Garage Door Decoration say?

So as Halloween and other holidays are fast approaching, let’s all have some fun by decorating the largest moving part of the home. Please remember to be safe when doing this. We advise you to call your nearest Access Garage Doors Professional and go over your plans before going into full festive mode. Remember, Garage Doors… It’s What We Do! If you would like to show us your work, take a picture of your decorated garage door when you are done and tag your local Access Garage Doors on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing what your Halloween garage door ideas say about you, and we hope that you all have happy and safe holidays this season.

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