The Pros and Cons of Windows in Residential Garage Doors

One of the decisions you will need to make when choosing new residential garage doors for your home is choosing a style with or without windows. While personal preference does enter into the equation, there are also some advantages and potential drawbacks of having windows. Here are the pros and cons that you should know before making this important decision.

Pros of Windows in Residential Garage Doors

  • Windows allow for natural light- Enjoy energy savings by avoiding the need to turn on a light every time you enter your garage. This can add up if you spend a significant time in your garage, such as on a hobby or because your laundry facility is in the garage. Natural light also makes some people feel happier because the space feels more welcoming and larger.
  • Windows provide an excellent aesthetic design- If your goal is optimal curb appeal, consider having windows in your garage door. You can go a step further and choose ones that look similar to your home’s windows for an attractive symmetry. 

Cons of Windows in Residential Garage Doors 

  • Windows aren’t as energy efficient- If your main goal is to enjoy energy savings, choose an insulated garage door without windows.
  • Windows can be a security risk- Although windows are usually at the top of the garage, above eye level, there is still the potential for temptation for a would-be criminal when they can see what you have stored in your garage. Also, it is easier to break into a garage with windows because the criminal can easily see what they are doing as they disengage the garage opener’s manual override. There are ways, however, to overcome this drawback of windows.

If you would like to learn more about windows in residential garage doors, reach out to us at Access Garage Doors of Pittsburgh South. We offer various styles from Clopay and Amarr with options with and without windows. We are happy to discuss which is best for your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home and your objectives. Call today to learn more.


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