Garage Door Spring Replacement, South St. Paul, MN

If your garage door springs are more than seven years old, we recommend garage door spring replacement.

Garage Door Spring Replacement in South St. Paul, Minnesota

There are many maintenance and repair tasks around your South St. Paul, Minnesota home that you might be comfortable with doing on your own. There is nothing wrong with doing that when you have the tools and experience necessary for the task at hand. However, there are some that can be quite dangerous to attempt yourself. Garage door spring replacement is one of them. At Access Garage Doors of South St. Paul, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have a broken spring or it has been several years since they were last replaced and you want to have it done before something happens.

When a garage door spring breaks, it can cause other damage and could potentially cause an injury. That is one of the reasons that garage door spring replacement is always done in pairs. If one has worn out, the other is usually not far behind. Doing just one would be like buying one new tire for your car when all of them are bald yet only one is flat. You can always count on us to properly advise you about your garage door’s condition and what it needs to be reliable and safe.

The anticipated life of garage door springs is roughly 10,000 cycles. Under normal use, that equates to roughly seven years. If you are nearing that age or notice any rust on the springs, we recommend reaching out to us to schedule an inspection and to get a free estimate for garage door spring replacement. Contact us today with any questions you might have.