3 Benefits of Electric Garage Door Openers

These days, it is probably hard to imagine a time where garage doors didn’t open with an electric garage door opener, but there was, in fact, a time where people had to open and close their garage doors by hand. If you are still manually opening and closing your garage door, you are missing out and need to upgrade your garage door opening system. Here are 3 benefits to using electric garage door openers for your garage doors.

  1. Convenience. Convenience is the most obvious benefit of using electric garage door openers. They automatically open and close from one push of a button inside your car. No need to step out of your vehicle to open your garage door, get back in your car and pull it into the garage, and then step out again and close it.
  2. Let There Be Light. Another benefit of electronic garage door openers is that there are some available with built in lights. This is a nice benefit, because when you pull into your garage at night, your garage bay will already be illuminated. This way, you don’t have to worry about walking around in the dark trying to find the light switch.
  3. Safety. If you have to manually open and close your garage doors, there is always a fear of the door crashing down on you. Manual garage doors can also be dangerous for little ones who might try to lift the doors up, only to get their fingers smashed. Electronic garage door openers close and open your garage doors slowly and safely. Electronic openers are especially nice for people who might be older or have a medical condition that affects their strength.

As you can see, there are some great benefits to installing an electric garage door opener on your garage doors. If you are ready to switch from manual to electric, call us today at Access Garage Doors of Morristown and set up an appointment to have us come discuss your options for garage door openers.

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