How Often Should I Have Garage Door Servicing Completed?

Working on your property is part of maintaining it! Sometimes when we are working on our property, we forget about certain features, including our garage doors. If you have a residential property, making sure that your garage doors are working properly is essential. Here at Access Garage Doors of Central Kentucky, we want to help you get your garage door servicing completed when you need it most.


When you service your garage door opener, it is going to work more efficiently and more effectively. Because experts are able to find pieces and parts that are wearing out during a service call, experts like ours are better able to make minor repairs or adjustments that can keep your garage door working properly. For residential owners of garage doors, this should be done at least every eighteen months to two years, particularly on the most frequently used doors. If you have a 3rd bay that isn’t utilized regularly, then garage door servicing can be pushed out to every two years for that bay. However, many homeowners prefer to have both garage doors serviced at the same time for ease and convenience.

While some people are tempted to put off garage door servicing to avoid the cost of a service call, the investment in maintenance will surely pay off in the long run. A problem that is caught in the early stages is much easier to repair than one that is left until it becomes larger. Proper servicing also helps avoid serious problems like a garage door or opener than stops functioning all together and makes getting in and out of your garage infinitely harder.

If you have questions about garage door servicing for your home or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us today.

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