How to Prepare for Your Garage Door Installation

Getting a new garage door can be an exciting prospect! A new garage door is beneficial in many different ways, including a better, upgraded look for your home, while also adding extra security and efficiency. Here at Access Garage Doors of Central Kentucky, we want to help you get the best in garage door installation. As with any big project, the preparation for your project can play a large role in its success. Here are a few tips that will help your garage door installation run smoothly.

  • Make your garage accessible. If you are like many of us who use your garage for storage as well as parking your vehicles, then it is likely that there are some obstructions in your garage. Take a day or two to clear out your garage so that there is plenty of space for the workers to maneuver safely.
  • Find a safe space for pets and children. Both children and pets can be curious about new people and construction. However, it isn’t safe for children, pets or our team for them to be underfoot, and we want to ensure that injuries are avoided. Find a sitter or a place where children and pets can be safe while our team is working on your garage door installation.
  • Be a good neighbor. Let your neighbors know of the dates and times that you will be getting your garage door installation completed. This will help them plan and prepare accordingly for any loud noises.

We hope that these tips have been helpful. If you are looking forward to a new garage door installation in your future, we would love to help you! For more information, please contact us today.

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