It might seem like there aren’t many components of a garage door and that garage door repair would be pretty straightforward. The reality is that you need an experienced professional to deal with many of the things that can go wrong with a garage door. At Access Garage Doors of Morristown, our garage door service vehicles are fully stocked with the basic parts so that we can offer same-day garage door repair services, in most cases. While there are many minor parts involved in garage door repair, often the resolution involves the main basic parts.

    • Garage Door Springs- We offer garage door spring installation. This garage door repair should never be considered a DIY project due to the high potential for injury or damage if you lack experience.
    • Electric Garage Door Openers- You don’t have to wait until your garage door opener fails to function. We can also install a new one that has features that your current one lacks, such as quieter operation and smart-home capabilities.

Garage Door Repair: The Basic Parts [Infographic]

  • Garage Door Seals- The seal at the bottom of your garage door is intended to keep water, dirt, and insects from entering your garage.
  • Garage Door- The garage door itself is obviously the largest component and could need to be repaired or replaced if damaged. This is a good opportunity to get added features, such as something more stylish or insulated. We do have some in-stock options, or we can have a custom garage door built for you in two to three weeks.
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