Garage door problems often seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times. Luckily if you keep your garage door maintained and in good condition, you will find that some of these problems have a quick solution. Here are 3 easy fixes for garage doors.

  1. Your Remote Battery Is Dead. If your garage door is not responding to the commands from your remote, but will open when the wall control is used, then you most likely need to replace the battery in your garage door remote. This is a quick, simple fix.
  2. The Photo Eye Is Blocked or Unaligned. If your garage door refuses to shut, your photo eyes (the sensors installed on the sides of your garage door) may not have a clear path between them. Your photo sensors send an invisible beam to each other, but if someone or something is in the way, they will prevent your garage door from closing. Cleaning off these sensors, checking for an object in front of them, or adjusting their alignment are great ways to troubleshoot a garage door that refuses to close.
  3. Your Disconnect Switch Is Enabled. Your disconnect switch is used when the power goes out. It allows you to manually open or close your garage door. If it has been enabled, your garage door will not be connected to the opener and will not open or close with the push of a button. If you can manually open your garage door, you can use a step ladder to reattach this hook to the motor.

If these quick solutions don’t fix your problem, give us a call at Access Garage Doors of Naples. We will quickly get your garage doors working correctly. We offer knowledgeable service and effective solutions for any problems you encounter with your garage doors.

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