Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair, Chattanooga, TN

You might notice that your door is slower to open or close when in need of garage door torsion spring repair.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair in Chattanooga, Tennessee

You probably know that your garage door relies on several springs to bear the weight and allow it to move up and down smoothly. But what you may not know is the type of springs that are commonly used on a garage door. They’re known as torsion springs, and they store mechanical energy, serving as a counterweight to the heavy door. The average garage door on a residential property weighs at least 150 pounds. If you have a metal door, the weight is even greater in some cases. In combination with the cables on the door, the torsion spring twists to close the door and unwinds to open the door. It is typically mounted above the door on a horizontal metal bar that allows for it to move properly.

A problem with the torsion spring can be very concerning, as it can cause the door to fall or fail to open or close correctly. When the spring weakens, it can no longer perform its job as effectively, resulting in an increased effort to open the door. You might notice that your door is slower to open or close when the system is in need of garage door torsion spring repair. You may even have a spring break completely. This is a task that should always be left in the hands of a skilled garage door technician.

At Access Garage Doors, we offer garage door torsion spring repair to those located throughout Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our experienced technicians can diagnose an issue with your garage door torsion spring and determine the best course of action to repair it. If necessary, we can also replace a spring that is damaged beyond repair. Contact us to learn more or schedule a garage door torsion spring repair.