How to Prepare for Garage Door Installation in 3 Easy Steps

Garage door installation is not a process that happens on a frequent basis for most people. Garage doors and garage door openers are built to last a long time, so it can be a jarring experience to realize that, not only do you need a replacement, but that you are not sure how to prepare for this process. At Access Garage Doors of Cleveland West, we want to offer some tips and tricks that will make your garage door installation process much easier. Here are a few of them:

  1. Clean & Clear Your Garage. The more space that is available, the easier and more efficient your garage door installation process will be! Park your cars elsewhere and be sure to move out any boxes, tools or other storage you might have in your garage so that the areas are accessible to our workers.
  2. Prepare a List of Questions You Might Have. A garage door installation might go by faster than you had realized. Having a list of questions handy that you wanted to ask can save you from your mind going blank at the wrong time. If you have questions about maintenance needs, timing, warranties, etc., put them on your list so you don’t forget.
  3. Keeps Kids & Pets Out of the Way. This can be particularly tricky if your pets are wanderers or if your children are young. Putting your pets safely in a crate or with a friend and finding a sitter for your children can take a load off your mind. Not only will this be safer for them, since they won’t be wandering into potentially dangerous work zones, but it can ensure safety for the installers, too.

These are just some of the tips we have to help prepare you for garage door installation. For more helpful ideas, please contact us today.

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