6 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair [infographic]

A garage door is arguably the largest and most important door in your home! Providing both easy access to storage and security for vehicles and belongings, a garage door that functions properly is essential. If you need a garage door repair, then you need the help of experts like ours here at Access Garage Doors of Naples. Putting off a garage door repair can cause a host of other problems, so watch out for some of these warning signs:

1.  Your door is hanging off its tracks. A garage door is supposed to open and close smoothly. If one side is hanging off the tracks or rising unevenly, it is time for a garage door repair.

2.  The garage door won’t open or close. If your garage door won’t open or close, then you might need to call our repair experts.

3.  Your garage door is slow to respond. Having a garage door that is slow to respond or doesn’t respond at all is troublesome. Get this repaired immediately so that your garage door will work when you need it to!

4.  The garage door is noisy. While the majority of garage doors are going to make some noise, they shouldn’t be noisy. They should have a smooth, hushed mechanical sound, and if that’s not the case, garage door repairs should be considered.

5.  Your garage door is off the tracks repeatedly. The tracks that allow your garage door to open and close smoothly are critical. If the garage door is sticking or slipping, it becomes a safety issue that needs to be addressed.

6.  The door opens unevenly. If your garage door resembles your mini blinds with one side rising faster than the other, that is a problem. We can address and resolve the issue for smooth, even operation of your garage door.

6 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair [infographic]

These are just some of the issues that arise when you need a garage door repair. For other concerns or to learn more about our repair process, please contact us today.

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