4 Reasons You May Need a Garage Door Replacement

Unfortunately ,your garage door will not last forever. It has many moving parts that are susceptible to failure after long term use. But sometimes it can be difficult to determine if your garage door is really at the end of its life. Here are 4 reasons you may need a garage door replacement.

  1. Damage. If your garage door is at least 10 years old and you notice signs of significant damage, you will want to start considering a garage door replacement. Significant damage can range from broken springs or cables to misaligned tracks. If you have a dent in your garage door, it could affect the movement of your door along the tracks and reduce its protection to your garage. You could replace just the damaged panels, but if your garage door is older it may be more beneficial to replace the whole door.
  2. Slow Movements. If your garage door is not opening or closing as quickly as it used to, you may need to start thinking about replacements. A slow-moving garage door can be caused by parts breaking down or your motor beginning to fail.
  3. Safety Concerns. Garage doors are incredibly heavy. If key components fail, a slamming garage door could be disastrous. If you notice that your sensors are not working properly or that your door is not shutting completely, a professional can help you determine if it is time for a repair or replacement.
  4. Increasing Energy Costs. Your garage door can help insulate your entire house. If you notice that your energy bills continue to increase, replacing your garage door can help ease the burden on your heating and cooling systems and can reduce your energy costs. If you use your garage to store important items or toys, having an effective garage door can help protect your belongings too.

If any of these situations sound familiar or you are interested in a garage door replacement, we are here to help. At Access Garage Doors of Naples, we specialize in installing high quality garage doors. We support our work with a lifetime warranty because your satisfaction and peace of mind is important to us.

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